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1. Perfect design, with backlight and fashion silver finish. 
2. Waterproof design for outdoor use. 
3. Strong standalone function device, can be used as WG26 reader alone. 
4. Capacity: 2000 user's cards, 2000 codes; 
5. Access ways: Cards, code, card +code. 
6. Low power: Static current less than 30mA. 
7. Support only keypad, 
8. users can reset private passwords. 
9, Search fast less than 0.1s. 
10. Wiegand output Wg26 for card and Wg34 for codes. 
11. use keypad to delete lost cards for safety. 
12. Short-circuit protect: When relay or alarm output short circuit, it will shut up output in 100μS. 

Working voltage DC9V-28V 
With Anti-theft alarm output for external alarm device. 
With bult-in anti-theft equipments. 
Support enrolling cards continuously 
Waterproof degree: IP68 

Technical parameters 
Work Voltage: DC9-28V 
Static Current: ≤ 30mA 
Reading Range: 3~8cm 
Capacity: 2000 users 
Environment Temperature: -25degree~60degree 
Environment Humidity: 10%~90% 
Electric lock output: ≤ 3A 
Alarm output: ≤ 20A 
Output short-circuit protection time: ≤ 100μS 
Open-door time: 0 ~ 99 seconds (adjustable) 
Size: 120 *56*18mm

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