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Ellock Handle Offline

The system ELLOCKS Offline is managed via software, installed on a notebook with operational system Windows (XP and following). The convenience is in the possibility fast and easy to manage the access control from one working station, without any additional cabling. Other advantages of this system are:
Possibility for programming up to 250 users at one access point
Possibility for extraction of up to 500 events on every access point in Excel
User friendly interface
Easy adding of new language versions
Price advantage, especially for buildings with up to 30 access points
Possibility to manage access directly at the access point through a Master Card, which can be applied to an unlimited number of access points
Possibility for three operational modes: standard, prolonged and toggle
Handles and shields, designed by “MAUER LOCKING SYSTEMS”LTD.:
Material: stainless steel
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Operating temperature: -20ᵒС до +70ᵒС
Energy supply: 3 alkaline batteries, type AAA (over 40 000 cycles)
Level of dust and water protection: IP65
Direction of handle: left/right
Dimension: 55 – 92 mm
CE – certification
SKG*** certification
Energy independent memory
Discharged batteries signalization
Possibility for external power supply by discharged batteries
Position of the batteries: From the inner side of the door
Disengagement of the handle right after it is pressed down
Inner side of handle always active (panic function)
Patented construction of the mechanics
Suitable for all kinds of doors with thickness 36 – 70 mm – wooden, aluminum, PVC, etc.

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