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Ellock Handle Online

The system ELLOCKS ONLINE is managed through a specialized software from the type ELLSYS and has some unique features, among which:  
- Possibility to work "in the cloud", which eliminates the long and time consuming installation process;
- User freindly inetrface;
- Management of the data base from any spot in the world, which is internet connected;
- Mobile version of the software, suitable for smart phone or tablet;
- Possibility for programming of time zones, working shifts, holidays, etc.;
- Possibility for management of unlimited number of users;
- Possibility for management of unilimited number of user groups;
- Possibility for programming of access zones;
- Log reports for an unlimited number of events per user, access point or general system level;
- Log reports in PDF or XLS format;
- Possibility for blocking any user card or access point.

Handles and shields, designed by MAUER LOCKING SYSTEMS LTD.:
- Material: stainless steel;
- Working frequence: 13.56 MHz;
- Number of users, programmable at one access point: 64 000;
- Energy supply: alcaline batteriesm type AAA - 3 pcs. ( 20 000 cycles)
- Level of dust and water protection: IP 65



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